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wedding planning has been stressing me out lately.
everybody (and my future moms-in-law) wants to know details, and I don't have them yet.

last night we had an awesome date night, within we had dinner at bravo and I got to order things technically not on the menu and kent pretended not to notice I was consuming caffeine-laced tiramisu after my caffeine curfew and we elaborated on awesome BSG-themed rsvps and then we came home and tried to work on our guest list and mostly failed.

kent is out at a mtg judge conference/ptq tournament today. which just leaves me, the snow, hulu, my cda homework, wedding planning, and if i feel up to it (that is, if I've convinced myself I'm not getting strep throat...which has started taking victims at school) dropping off birthday books for Lucy and dropping by a co-worker's housewarming party. whenever kent is gone all day for gaming events or judging stuff, I have to figure what I'm going to do with myself for the 12+ hours he's gone. it shouldn't be difficult, yet it is. for me, it still is. which shouldn't surprise me, I mean, every morning when I'm getting a kiss and saying goodbye to kent before work, I usually follow it up with a crushing hug and "I don't wanna go!" and he smiles and laughs (the "silly girl, what am I going to do with you?" laugh) and tells me with complete and utter faith-instilling conviction that he will see me when I get home. (Man, when we have kids that poor man will never get out the door! He'll have to pry children off his legs and me off his torso.)

doing my internet upkeep (which I fail at during the week) I came across neil gaiman's blog post about amanda palmer's wedding blog. reading it made me feel better. like I could, if i wanted to, dump all the complicated creative-energy fueled planning for the event and it would still be ok. would still be a beautiful moment.

now I just need to remember that when planning is kicking my butt.

there are still awesome ideas for our wedding. Like hilarious wedding programs. (Thanks, Lydia, for suggesting for ideas!) Like making the reception a mad hatter's tea party. Like setting up a laptop as a photobooth and having a bucket of nerdy props.

whatever we decide to do, I still get the man who, after 5 hours apart playing games in different rooms without seeing or speaking to each other, shows up out of the blue at 11:59 to plunk his phone down with the time and snog me for new years---and when it's pointed out that it's not actually midnight yet, he just smirks and kisses me more.

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YES to the fact that the important thing of the wedding is that (a) you have fun, and (b) you spend it with your man and (c) your friends are there to cheer you on! :D


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