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We've made it more than halfway to term! Yay!

The nausea that floored me for the better part of 16 weeks has subsided. Double yay!

Now I just have to eat all the food. My husband and several friends are all dieting and doing Lent restrictions and such, and every time they discuss eating healthy or portions or food temptations, I just hope that nobody notices me eating anything and everything that I feel like.

Also, dim sum is awesome when you are pregnant. I finally found a good place in Indy! Like, it's full of families on the weekend, and they sometimes have a soupy dumpling on the specials. And they will let me pick things on the picture menu (in addition to whatever the carts have).
I think the pregnant white chick who drags in confused-looking friends and family members amuses them. (Especially when she wants a dish and can't remember what it's called.)

And I do mean I eat all the food. At school, the teachers start saving me extra bananas or green beans. I have been gaining at least 4-5 lbs every month since the new year. This last month was more like 6-7 lbs. (That's like 15 lbs so far, and we're not even close to done.) That being said, although my stomach feels like it can't possibly stretch further, I much prefer this to the nausea.

Oh! And I can feel the baby moving now! Me for several weeks, but husband could only feel it just in the past week or so.
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