Feb. 5th, 2014

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Today is yet another snow day for the month of January.
That makes 1.5 weeks of school missed, 2 days forgiven because the mayor closed the city and forbade anyone to drive, and 5 days that we'll have to make up. (More if you attend AM preschool, since they don't come on 2hr delay days, so 9 for them.)
I have chosen to spend the morning watching gratuitously violent 90s anime in front of the fireplace and getting my husband to bring me food---because the baby keeps eating everything.
Also because if I put the recliner up, I have a hard time closing it or getting out of the couch.

I'm really hoping the weather turns soon. Aside from missing so much work, I really don't like wearing my winter parka because my baby belly is getting too big to zip it up comfortably.
At least I have pants now. (It took me most of January to get my maternity shopping done, because every time I planned to go, I would get snowed in or have a dizzy spell.) Bras are another story.
Back in November, I was a C. Two weeks ago, an E. (For those of you not familiar with Bra math, that's a 3 cup jump.) And apparently this boob inflation is not over yet. Le sigh. I have one nursing underwire that fits, and otherwise I'm making due with XL cotton sports bras.
To my large-bosomed friends: My back feels for you, and I never imagined a world where I could roll out of bed and pinch my nipple at the same time.

But enough about my boobs.
If I had to pick a nemesis for this pregnancy, the explosion of proportions isn't it.

The nausea has absolutely kicked my butt. It is improving, finally, in week 16. I really don't understand why 28 years of I-feel-hungry & eat-something suddenly fails as a feedback mechanic when a pregnancy is involved. Making myself eat while my stomach thrashes in its own juices has been a major challenge. So has finding food that both appeals to me and won't make me sick, and administering "safe" foods every couple hours to keep me from getting slammed with hormone-induced nausea. Weeks 8-11 or so were the absolute worst, which was basically my entire Christmas break. I had a wicked cold and awful nausea, and I think I survived the ordeal on Gatorade, ricecakes, and mucinex (like the only cold meds I could take).
Car rides are still challenging. And some days are still queasy all day long. Thankfully, I now have an anti-nausea medicine I can take if I need to be in the car for a trip or on days I just can't cope.

I'm still trying out remedies for back pain. We're figuring out how to get dinner(s) made that both of us can eat. I have hormone-induced meltdowns where neither of us understand why I'm crying. And because we have friends with toddlers who visit often, we've put up nice baby gates so our cat can get used to them before we have people (or babies) in the house. (Currently she sits at the bottom of the stairs and mews pitifully. Enter Day 3 of this.)

PS: I loved seeing my UofC friends for UChi-Con, but I missed my Sushu!


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