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If this cosplay stuff is going to happen, I need to get psyched for it.

I think this means finally putting up my TTGL wall scroll.

Also, I should quit dithering about wigs and things and place orders. >_<;
If there's money invested, there's consequences for failure to follow through.
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I'm thinking of cosplaying antispiral Nia...

I've got some good leads for wigs, and some idea about getting a metallic-finish zentai-style body suit, but I'm not sure what to use to do the red lines. I've heard fabric paint as an option. Or maybe something like electric tape?


Also, isn't there a ball or something fancy and dancy at ACen?
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I desperately need something that I can dump my free time into. Preferably, something that can be done indoors (It's the Snowpocalypse around here.), alone, requires a massive input of creative energy, and not much money.
I've given thought to volunteering at TCM again, but I don't feel like they really need my time and energy lately. (Not responding to emails from volunteers who are asking how they can volunteer is kinda anathema to getting me to volunteer for you.) I do love my playdates with Lucy, but those can't happen every weekend cus of scheduling. Perhaps I should schedule a playdate with Nina's kids in Kokomo....although an hour drive in the Snowpocalypse doesn't sound too appealing.
I'm currently trying to find an aspect of InConjunction which I can make into a project...but it's too early in the game for the couple things that interested me (like making big posters a la Iron Chef for the GMs who'll be volunteering in the Game Room).
There's also potential for costume making. If I can borrow my mom's sewing machine (had to give mine up in the move) and settle on a couple costumes (totally need to make one for Kent if I'm making them) and deadlines.

ice day!

Feb. 2nd, 2011 10:25 am
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So, there's a huge winter storm dumping ice and sleet over central Indiana. Yesterday I only worked til 2, and we only had half our staff in. Today I called the school at 6am and the management did the sensible thing and closed. Which means I get the day off! what?

I wish it were a snow day. Then I could go sledding.
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Songs about werewolves?

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Thursday night I...

Lost a tickle fight (but really, everybody wins in a tickle fight)
Boxed up the nativity scene figures while watching Christopher Reeves guest star in an episode of Smallville (yay, meta!)
Watched Despicable Me while cuddling on the couch and finished off the night by shooting the blow-up minion we got with the DVD with the Nerf guns we got for xmas
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I would totally read this to my children.
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Everybody has them. Some from growing up and some that you start when you're all growed up.

This year I'm melding Kent's traditions and mine. There will be Davis Xmas the weekend before Christmas, with the requisite cookies and exchange. There will be Christmas Eve at his mom's and Christmas Day at his dad's. (His has a big house in the country outside of Kokomo, complete with a trophy room of taxidermied animals---he's a big hunter---which I suddenly have the impulse to dress up in Santa hats and antler headbands.)

I've decorated for Christmas in previous years, with whatever stuff I had. But this year I decided I would deck out the house, since now I have one. So, I have a new tradition I like so much I will have to keep. Watching Die Hard and hanging Christmas lights! (I cannot tell you how happy this made me. <3) Forget the claymation specials and black and whites. Give me Bruce Willis in a grudgy wifebeater and plenty of explosions and that's jolly enough for me.

We also set up Kent's nativity set, which his mom gives him a new piece for every year. It's grown so big that it takes up two folding tables, and thus far, Skyley hasn't knocked anything over.

Oh, and last, and probably my favorite... TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!!

I haven't exactly been to a rock concert before. (Saw The Pillows play at ACen, but really as close as I got...) But, OMG that show. LASERS. PYROTECHNICS. A catwalk that descends from the ceiling so the musicians can run out over the crowd. SNOW. They made it snow, inside Conseco Fieldhouse, and then turned on lasers and it became SPARKLES. <3
I dare any of the naysayers to listen to TSO rock Pachelbel's Cannon in D and deny that it is awesome.

mix tapes

Dec. 4th, 2010 03:13 pm
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I know many of you like to make mixes. They used to be on cassette tapes, but not since CDs and mp3s became all the rage.

Alas, my car is stuck in the 90s, and does not have a CD player. The only tapes I have were inherited with the car and include such gems as Enya, a soundtrack to Miami Vice, and an empty Grease case.

If any of you possess the technology, I would love to have some tapes for xmas.
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Trouble with locomotion
Have a taste for human flesh
Can scream, wail, and moan but not talk
Never down for the count when you think they are
Easily avoided singly, but are deadly in groups
Where they go, screaming and gore follow

PS: Dates with bf to theatrical productions with zombies who try to eat the audience = awesome


Aug. 8th, 2010 09:37 pm
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GenCon and Muskegon camping fell on the same weekend this year. Kent wanted me to come to the con, of course, since he was going. But I'd planned on camping before everybody and their gaming buddies decided to hound me about the con. I rrrreally hope the two don't overlap next year or I'll have an ugly decision in front of me. "But it's just camping??" you say? True, but it's camping that I've been doing with my family literally since I was in the womb. Also, homemade blueberry pancake breakfast. Burping and getting it blamed on other (larger, male) kids. Building sandcastles. There's the getting eaten alive by mosquitos.... but mostly, it's great fun just the same as when I was little. Only now all the kids like me are grown up, and all the kids are the kids' kids.

Arrived Thursday, lost most of the day and evening to a good fantasy novel next to the fire, and a throbbing, horrid, sinus headache. Crawled into bed with Sean and Sara (on the fold-out couch in Nina's 31-foot camper, sweetness) and had to fight for the covers a couple times, but felt better Friday. I went down to the beach, sunbathed, helped carry things, but otherwise kept a low profile, though I did drag myself down to see sunset on the beach. Saturday morning there was the traditional multi-camp multi-family pitch-in breakfast. Fabulous as always, and since Gramma Emerson, Aunt Pat, and Uncle Tom & Kristie came along camping this year, they got to see what it was all about. Kristen and Kevin left midday Saturday, begging off to the same cold that I have, and I stayed since Nina had room and I eventually hitched a ride back to Indy with the Leathermanns Sunday.

I'll have to trade my camp stories for Kent's con stories, and hope the scheduling gods are merciful next year.

Pics on the fb.
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Suffice it to say, I'm loving it, but my clothes are not. The babies that were skeptical about me now accept bottles from me and have been known to throw a smile and a giggle my way---even if they still cry when Ms Toni or Ms Lynn leaves the room. We have 7 babies in our room, from 9 weeks up to 11 months---for the non-baby savvy, that means we have itty bitty babies all the way up to babies who are on the verge of walking. 5 boys and 2 girls.

For my job, we have a strict dress code (unless it's spirit day) of red, black, white or a combo thereof for tops, and no tshirts. Pants can be black or khaki, and shorts are ok as long as they are fingertip length. Fridays I can wear jeans and the appropriate Goddard tshirt. Even with jeans, this means I have 3 pants and 1 pair of shorts, which makes 4 pants for 5 days. Since I work in an environment where puke, drool, snot, pee and poo are job hazards...I'm fortunate to get through the day unscathed. Shirts are a little easier, thanks to a handful of carefully selected shirts from Goodwill. (4 for $15 or so? It took 2 hours of hunting through racks, but was more in my budget than new shirts) My shirts almost never survive the day, and usually get at least 2 fluids from multiple babies---I don't even want to know what my shirt would look like under a black light at 5pm. O_O

I just discovered that my new career field gives me a shot at getting one of my student loans canceled or at least deferred. I just my new boss, Michelle, to fill out the employer part of the paper work today, and it would be so awesome if I could reclaim $70/month for my budget. (I worked up a modest budget, and I just barely can't afford it. SAD.)

Anything else you wanna know about my new job?

ACen 2010

May. 18th, 2010 10:45 am
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I had a late start at ACen this year, due to a babysitting gig (which was necessary to fund the trip). But when I arrived late Friday I was greeted with hugs and carefully preserved pizza. We migrated to the 8th floor to have shaved ice with the JASers and laugh uncontrollably at their skit (and then offer critiques and choreography advice---we can't help ourselves!) We rounded out the evening with a game of Dominion before crashing.

Saturday morning I woke up heinously early, showered and braved the obstacle course of the front room to grab a pbj sandwich and crawl under furniture and escape. Watched an episode of a 70s super sentai show called Super Robot Red Baron. The episode was called 切り札はアンドロイドX or "Android X, The Trump Card," and in it the evil-poorly-lit-villain-sitting-in-front-of-aquarium crafts an android of the hero's dead brother and sends him to fight against the hero. Wonderfully classic and cheesy! Then I sat around the Hyatt by the sculpture knitting and talking to cosplayers. After that, Sushu had been blue-ed and she, Jono and I went to the Localizing Comics panel and heard all about the marvelous and dumbfounding changes made to American super hero comics when they were brought to Japan. We were impressed that the number of people who recognized their Giant Robo cosplay exceeded expectations. Of course, we stopped by the fashion show to oogle the outfits Helena made, and we visited Dirk Tiede and Spike in Artist's Alley, hit up another video room to catch an episode of Black Cat, and opted not to line up for Masq until late. Aside from Masq getting crashed by XJapan's Yoshiki, the cosplay and skits were enjoyable---and those that weren't I knitted through and heckled. I have entertained thoughts of writing an eloquent letter explaining why we JAS alumni were so disappointed with Masq management, but I dunno what the forums are saying (it's only worth it if all the comments are internet-level intelligence). After Masq Sushu and I dropped by the JAS room and then got Baron von Munchausen running. I am supremely pleased with the stories that were crafted. (It all started when Tokyo was about to be destroyed...and along the way there was a postapocolypse mecha-pilot who couldn't touch a woman, a secret society of Aqueous Amazons and their penis pendants and super-intelligent squirrel companions, the murder mystery of the fish Prime Minister, and the exploits of a certain gentleman adventurer.) When BvM was over, I was too drunk and creatively sated to take part in the BSG boardgame that Jim brought, but I would love to play it sometime.

Sunday we gathered up alums and had breakfast at Embassy, though soon after people had to scatter. I gave Pat a ride down to Hyde Park, had coffee with Jonathan and Hannah and we watched a couple eps of BSG before I left for WL and ate beef stroganoff and broccoli and homemade blueberry pie (which, after a con diet of pb&j, potato chips, and pop, tasted OMGFABULOUS). 65 was deserted by the time I hit Indianapolis, and I unpacked my stuff and crashed.

Yesterday Lucy wore the handband and I the bow Ribbon freebies (from Jon/Kimberly's grab bag) out to dinner and Lowe's. I have pictures of Friday skit practice which I will post soon, probably to facebook (unless there's a better venue so that JAS will see them?).
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3 interviews last week
1 tomorrow
1 Monday

Jonathan and I had a great weekend in Hyde Park. I talked scifi and he loaned me a tetrology I've never heard of (it is good). I met his gf of 6 months, Hannah, and we drank beer and watched Be Kind Rewind. Hung out for a bit with Cat Sharon at a Kentucky Derby party. We drank mint julips poured by a bartending robot, and Cat amazed us with a outrageous large and flowerly hat. We also went to the Field Museum---my first time ever. We spent most of our time wandering through the taxidermy galleries and laughing at various things (pose of animal, antiquated and absurd labels, etc).

Yesterday I learned how to knit, and am starting a scarf to be donated for the superbowl volunteer uniforms. Also, I gave myself a wicked, evil bruise running into the ironing board in the hallway.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have the pleasure of playing valet for an 8 and 5-yr old for their gymnastics lessons, so I must away!


May. 3rd, 2010 10:27 am
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Work Interests Score
(out of 30) Description of Work Interests

23 Artistic
Artistic occupations frequently involve working with forms, designs and patterns. They often require self-expression and the work can be done without following a clear set of rules.

18 Social
Social occupations frequently involve working with, communicating with, and teaching people. These occupations often involve helping or providing service to others.

12 Investigative
Investigative occupations frequently involve working with ideas, and require an extensive amount of thinking. These occupations can involve searching for facts and figuring out problems mentally.

6 Conventional
Conventional occupations frequently involve following set procedures and routines. These occupations can include working with data and details more than with ideas. Usually there is a clear line of authority to follow.

3 Enterprising
Enterprising occupations frequently involve starting up and carrying out projects. These occupations can involve leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business.

1 Realistic
Realistic occupations frequently involve work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They often deal with plants, animals, and real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery. Many of the occupations require working outside, and do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others.


This is an actual assessment from WorkOne. I hope I can find a job without being Enterprising and Realistic!
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Tip #5

As far as the average 2 year old is concerned, you can do magic and have superpowers.

Consider the amount of influence you have over a toddler's world. You can dictate bedtime, what they eat for lunch, and are the gatekeeper of all doors. Consider how wise you seem to a toddler. You know how to make Sesame Street appear on the TV, which road goes to the park, how to read books, what all the pink countries on the globe are called, and why it rains.

When you use your powers, keep two things in mind: that little boy (or girl) trusts you implicitly, and, the infamous "with great power comes great responsibility". So, explain as much as you can whenever possible. You would be surprised how much a 2 year old can understand, if you take the time to teach her.

Remember, your role model should be Gandalf, not Q.
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I need to get a laptop (I've gone far too long without a dedicated pc...).
If you have advice or recommendations on brand/model, let's hear 'em.

My Specs:
Must run Windows 7 (No Vista!)
Have internal optical drive (I can live with out)
Portable (I favor battery life and lightweight over display)
Decent battery life (3 cell with low energy use, or maybe 6 cell)
Price under $500 pretty please?

Current front runner: $500 Toshiba Satellite T115D (AMD Athlon™ Neo X2 Dual-Core, Windows 7, 2GB memory, 320GB hard drive)

Any opinions on the HP Mini or Dell Mini 10 / Inspirion 11z?
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Tip #4

You will get messy. Accept it. Make peace with it. Move on.

When visiting a house with pets, you'll get pet hair on everything. So, you don't wear black if you can help it and you pack a lint roller, right? With toddlers, you'll get boogies, mud, squash, pee, or WORSE, no matter what you do. So, hang up that nice dry-clean only sweater as soon as you walk in the door. For everything else, pack a spare, and take comfort in the knowledge that most moms have laundry going 24/7. (Pajamas are slimed by breakfast, and if Miss Terrible Two's clothes make it through lunch unscathed, they're casualties by dinner. Factoring in puddles, diaper blow-outs, and toddlers' developing motor control---you're lucky if one outfit lasts a couple hours.)

Remember the 3 P's: If it's been Puked on, Peed on, or Pooed on, get in the wash the same day!
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I finally decided to go visit Garett in D.C. earlier in the month, and I've finally gotten around to putting an album together.

A hobbit goes to Washington

Or Clicky

So named because...

1) traveling with Garett and Meredith makes me feel freakishly small
2) I was perpetually hungry from running all over the city and keeping pace with the big folk
3) the people, their dress, and ways were strange to me (Why is everyone wearing SUITS? What do you mean you can't buy stamps anywhere? The museums are all FREE? What do you mean skyscrapers are only allowed in Virginia?)
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Amongst the day's mail I spied a manila envelope. I secretly hoped it was for me. I went through the rest of the mail, and mentally noted the usual. Things not for me. Student loan bills for me. And last, the envelope. With glee I read the recipient---it was for me! Then I was puzzled: who was this person mailing me this package, and what was it?
I opened it and pulled out a minty fresh copy of Trollbabe, which I would love to own but have not purchased.

Thank you, Gaming Fairy!
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